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Esther Park

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Gia has always been intrigued by how the mind works, especially the mind of adolescents. She is working on her first self-help book and hopes to finish it within the next year. Gia's writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards along with several online publications. Aside from writing, Gia has been playing the violin for nine years and enjoys dancing. Through this initiative, she hopes to shed light on the stigmas that surround mental health.

While Esther is most likely currently sleep-deprived, she is also trying hard to balance out her priorities. Her hobbies include painting and listening to motivational podcasts, but she also loves to read dystopian novels. Even though Esther has no idea what she is doing, she hopes that her contributions to this blog can help make a positive difference in someone.

Andrea, from California, is a rising senior in high school. Her hobbies include animation, fine arts, playing the piano, reading, and dancing. She hopes to be of help to the team!

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Elizabeth Silver

Podcast Director

Elizabeth is a very active person, always trying to balance her life between sports, clubs, school, and spending time with her friends. After struggling with finding a balance of emotional, mental, and physical health herself, she realized that she wanted to make a positive impact on anyone she could, no matter how small the effect. She hopes that the podcast will educate others to help others see life a little brighter.

Katie Cho

Podcast Director

Katie is a high school student who tries to improve herself every day, even if it means failing several times. She enjoys writing, editing, and reading Harry Potter (as recommended by Esther). She is an avid listener of 'Dear Hank and John.' Through her podcast, she wishes to share her ideas with her friends and have a good time.

Christine Chen

Creative Writing Director

Christine is a student in the class of 2021 at St. Andrew's School, DE, a boarding school in Delaware, although she lives in Shanghai, China for the rest of the year. Her current wips(works in progress) include two poetry collections and a short memoir piece. Her works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry have been recognized in Scholastics Arts and Writing in the Delaware Division and in the Nationals, and two of her poems are published on their website as part of the Delaware poetry month. She is an avid reader and editor by nature of her commitment to writing. Other than being a writer, Christine is also a performer of poetry, music, and theatre, and she considers herself an ally and an advocate for various movements including climate justice, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health awareness and destigmatization. She values her writing as a way to voice the unheard stories of the less-privileged and hopes to use her writing to reach more people in hopes of achieving a more compassionate, humane society.

Tracey Liu

Blog Editor

Tracey is currently a high schooler in Deerfield, IL. She is an avid reader and writer, and is also a part of her high school swim team and local club. She is passionate about advocating for mental health, and hopes that her voice can be used to spread awareness!

Navya Nandwani

Blog Writer

Navya is a rising senior from California. She has always been interested in mental health and wellness issues that have become so prevalent in this day and age. In her free time, she likes to write, bake, listen to music, and volunteer in her community. Through her contributions to this site, she hopes to share her own advice and experiences to help fellow teens feel less alone.

Sahana Govid

Blog Writer

Sahana loves to read all kinds of books, but fantasy captivates her the most. Her hobbies include writing fiction and watching shows in her free time. She has an insatiable desire to learn and hopes to build her vocabulary and knowledge by writing as much as she can.

Liyuan Zhang, a 17-year-old rising senior at Beijing No.2 Middle School, loves to study social and political issues. He is a co-founder of "Cubic Sugar," a drone donation program for anti-poaching in Africa. He also likes to sing, and he is an anchor of the Netease Music radio station. He is passionate about advocating awareness of mental health!

Eric Yao

Science Columnist

Eric Yao lives in New Jersey and is interested in the science behind the mind. He believes that discussing the intricacies of mental health will help influence others in a positive way. Eric hopes that his words will help others understand why others are affected by mental disorders. He aims to study biology in the future.

Sarah Masih

Blog Writer

Sarah Masih lives in California. She loves reading and writing, as well as challenges. She believes that her strong will and determination gets her through her obstacles. Sarah is interested in the sciences and hopes to study human behavior in the future.

Nikita Mullangi

Blog Writer

Nikita has been trying to keep up with the waves of life, all while being inspired by them. In her free time, she loves dancing, blogging, and trying to understand the brain and human behavior. She hopes she can use writing as a way to educate others. She wants to help people understand how to get over these waves of life with humor and relativity.

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