• You're Not Alone

Deck (By: @ratskolnikov_)

I am an ace of hearts...

But do I belong in the deck?

The kings and queens are ripping apart

my sense of belonging behind my back.

In the world full of pretty ladies and jacks

they always say “I want to be you!”

When the night lures them into the bed,

the wish is forgotten: one blanket for two.

The irony’s painful. I’m the one thinking straight.

If this game is my life, then i’ll keep poker face.

Yet, I’ll never give up my mysterious fate.

At the end, I will win, for i am an Ace.

It’s a beautiful role

that only strongest can play.

So, if you’re one of the four,

I will need you to stay.

this post is in honor of asexual awareness month. to all a-specs reading this: you are not broken, you are not invalidated as a person. you are loved and valued–don’t let anyone take that away from you. it’s okay to not feel completely comfortable or positive about your sexuality 24/7. you deserve to be treated with respect and referred to by your proper pronouns. you are whole and complete, not a watered-down version of a singular label. the way you love is your own, and that’s amazing.

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