Alright, alright, before I start the poem, I know you're expecting a love poem for Valentine's Day, which has just passed. But this is not your typical love poem, not in the traditional sense. You'll see what I mean.


I dreamed of a wedding I called my own—

I got married

Not to anyone else, but to myself, really

Dragged my gown across the aisle by myself

Just me

And I wonder if everyone’s disappointed

Expecting more than an asymmetrical skirt

I called a gown

Waiting for the coat and tie

Waiting for someone there

But you see

I’m always too much or not enough

To everyone else

But myself?

She’s just learning to love me for me

As cheesy as it may sound, this Valentine's Day, and this year, in general, I hope you can all join me in learning to love ourselves first. At the end of the day, that's the person who will be there for you. So go ahead, love and love boldly. You deserve it.

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