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We are an outlet to amplify the voices of teens across the world. Through art, writing, and other forms of creative expression, we promote awareness of the hardships of mental health and loneliness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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About "You're Not Alone"

Hi everyone! I’m Gia, a current high school student. YNA started as a blog to address some of the problems teenagers face in the midst of our incredibly technologically advanced world. 


Maybe you want to:​

  • Fight the urge to compare yourself to others when scrolling through Instagram

  • Naturally cope with stress after an argument with your mom about colleges

  • Or maybe you just want to make an impact in your community


This website will help you navigate through these challenges and more. There are many issues teenagers face in our current society, and it’s becoming ever-so important to bring the problems to light, and learn how to fix them.

Who are you to tell me about the struggles of teens?, you may ask.

Well, I’ve been struggling with my own insecurities, and it seems almost impossible to not compare myself to others who seem better than me.

You’re not alone, though. So many teens feel as if they are alone with their problems, leading to unhealthy habits and an unhealthy mindset. I’m here to share some of my stories, as well as discussing effective solutions to get through this stressful phase. I’m on my journey as well. You and me, together.

I’m most definitely not a picture-perfect idol; I’m still a growing teenage girl trying to figure myself out and discover ways to better myself daily. But I’m sharing with you what I do know.

So come and embark on this journey with me—a journey of rediscovering ourselves.

Your 20-year old self will thank you later.

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